Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30: Down to the Wire

The studio is mostly boxes.  Rachel will be sewing today and then even the sewing machine and table will be packed up.  Fortunately, I have other tasks to finish so I am not dwelling on the soon to be a totally nonfunctional studio.

I am washing curtains and rugs today because it is best to have them be totally and completely dry before they go into a box for a couple of weeks.  Even the floors and windows are looking naked.  At night I will puts some of the large sheets of packing paper on them so it will not feel like a fishbowl.

The rest of this day is all about paper sorting, shredding, and filing.  I have one file envelope full of information that I will play with for the next week, but other wise, it will all be packed by the end of the night.

The last stuff to be packed will be our travel suitcases, bedding and dishes.  That happens over the next two days, but none of it will take too long.

Having made so many moves courtesy of the Navy, we have a basic system and organization to it all. -- NINE days to our new home!  So exciting!!!!

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