Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quilting from Robin's Nest and So Much More

We are moving to Vermont in August and I have decided to write a new blog to share my quilting experiences along with my other experiences while we are there.

We are going to simplify and focus on our life together along with our our other passions - quilting for me and woodworking for my husband.  During the year in Vermont, we are going to live simply in a two bedroom apartment with only the things that will fit in our truck and trailer.

We are planning to spend time in the outdoors during the autumn, winter, spring, and summer.  This should lead to some great photos and enjoyable times with my best friend.  Our bikes have been tuned up and are ready to go.  We will also be building up our endurance by hiking whenever the opportunity is available.

My husband is retiring after 30 years in the Navy and is going to use the GI bill to go to the Vermont School of Woodworking.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a man who loves to build furniture. I plan to share stories about what he is making and what his plans are concerning his new focus.  He has already made a number of wonderful pieces for our home, our children, and our grandchildren.  He has also made a few pieces for others.  The new skills and techniques he will be learning will only enhance what he already does.  This will be a very memorable and educational experience for him.

I am going to spending a lot of time working on improving my quilting skills and techniques.  I am taking my HQ16, my Bernina 440, my serger, and my laptop.  There are a number of quilting projects I want to do and I am also going to do several hand-pieced, hand quilted projects (they are packed).   I am also taking all of the rulers and templates I have purchased or acquired over the last 10+ years so that I can actually learn how to use some and to create some of my own quilt designs with the EQ.  As I work on all of this, I plan to share all the trials and tribulations  of my experiences.  Maybe what I learn will help someone else avoid some of my frustrations or see something in my efforts that they will want to try. 

This will be an remarkable adventure for us and I am inviting you to join us starting with our travels as we leave Minnesota at the end of July.