Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2: A Last Walk About

We decided that we needed a break before tackling the last bit of packing and cleaning so we headed to our favorite walking path.  On the way we stopped to try and capture a unique view of the mountains.  They kind of look like some one was pouring somewhat runny marshmallow sauce over the tops.

Then we decided to take the walking path that actually takes us down to the river. Other days we have avoided it because one area is rather wet, but it is a wonderful experience with the water flowing around the rocks and making all kinds of calming sounds.

Just starting to bud

Standing on the path looking up river

Isn't this the coolest tree?  In October I was
watching for vultures.  Now it seems that the
huge crows love it.

We will be travelling for a few days.  I will take some photos if there is something interesting to see.  Then when we land I will do one last post before changing to my new version that will relate to living in South Dakota again after 31 years.  Let the new adventures  begin!!!

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